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What does it take to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy? It starts with a loving home, a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise and, of course, lots of TLC. Beyond this, you also need an experienced health care provider that can meet all the medical needs that may arise during your pet’s lifetime. At Animal Hospital of Lanesville, we’d love to partner with you with the shared goal of helping your loved one enjoy many vibrant years.

We’ll start by laying a solid foundation of wellness and preventative care. This allows us to stay a few steps ahead of illness and catch potential problems early, while they’re still easy and affordable to treat. Other services include internal medicine, diagnostics, surgical care and more. This ensures that as your pet ages and encounters differing health care needs, you’ve got a comprehensive system of care you can count on.

To complement our extensive line of medical services, we also offer a number of general pet care options.  For your companion’s external health care needs, we offer professional grooming services. Our goal is to become your go-to resource for everything pet related!

For a complete list of available services, please see below or contact us today!

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