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Dental Health Tips for Your Canine Companion

Dental health is an important part of your dog’s care regimen—in fact, dental problems are some of the most common health issues that veterinarians see in dogs. Keep your canine companion’s teeth and gums in tip-top shape with these tips from a Georgetown, IN veterinarian:

Home Mouth Exams

Once a week or so, sit down with your dog to give the mouth a quick check-up at home. Gently peel back Fido’s lips to check out the teeth and gums; look for any inflammation or redness, swelling, cracked or misaligned teeth, excessive plaque build-up, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary. Let your vet know right away if you find something that warrants concern.

Great Diet and Fresh Water

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your dog’s oral health in peak condition is to feed them a great diet, supplying them with the essential nutrients for healthy teeth and gums. A steady supply of fresh water is also important for keeping the mouth clean and washing away loose plaque.


Pick up a canine-formulated toothpaste and a pet toothbrush at your pet supply store. Start by letting your dog smell and taste the paste, and try rubbing your dog’s teeth and gums with a finger at first. Slowly, introduce the paste and brush until you can effectively brush the outer tooth surfaces. It’s a great way to keep harmful plaque and tartar at bay!

Chew Toys

Chew toys are about more than good plain fun. They give your dog’s teeth and gums a healthy workout day after day, and they help to scrape plaque off of the teeth and gum beds, removing it before it can harden into tartar. Supply your dog with plenty of fun toys, both for his entertainment and oral health!

Dental treats and chews are another good option for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. They also help to freshen the breath. Ask your vet to recommend a great choice.

Professional Cleanings

Remember: there is no substitute for professional dental cleanings at your vet’s office! Pro cleanings get at the nooks and crannies that home brushing simply can’t. If your dog is due for a cleaning, or if you have questions about the procedure, call your veterinarian to learn more.

Your Georgetown, IN animal hospital is here to serve all of your veterinary care needs. Make an appointment today!

Keep Your Dog Healthy During Her Golden Years

Your ten-year-old golden retriever Sophie savors her golden years. She has a super-comfy custom bed, and she receives her food before your younger dog. Although Sophie is pampered silly, she’s also an energetic girl who enjoys her daily neighborhood walks. You’d like your canine housemate to stay healthy, so your Floyds Knob, IN veterinarian gives her regular physical checkups. She also benefits from a tailored health program.

Nutritious Senior Diet

Sophie has always been a canine gourmand, savoring her vet-recommended meals and snacks. Her top-notch diet provided her body with quality protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Although she still needs these nutrients, the proportions have likely changed. Since she has slowed down, she should reduce her daily calorie intake.

Before prescribing your dog’s diet, the vet pinpointed her daily nutritional needs and exercise habits. If Sophie had packed on weight, she might select a tailored weight-loss formulation. If she was affected by a chronic medical condition, she could choose a food that supported her treatment plan.

Consistent Canine Vaccinations

Although your companion is an older girl, she still needs vaccinations that protect her against dangerous and infectious canine diseases. After considering her age, health situation, and lifestyle, the vet will administer the proper vaccines.

Beneficial Dental Care

Sophie knows she’s a photogenic pooch, and her gleaming white teeth have enhanced her good looks. Of course, she has always received professional dental care. During each physical checkup, the vet examines her teeth and gums, handling emerging problems. With regular dental cleanings, and consistent home brushing sessions, her choppers literally shine.

Enjoyable Light Exercise

Sophie treasures her twice-daily neighborhood jaunts. Besides visiting with her canine friends, she angles for head scratches from her human fans. This beneficial exercise helps her to avoid obesity. Ask the vet to recommend other body-friendly workouts, such as slow-paced fetch games or delightful warm-water swims.

If your dog seems to feel pain when she stands or walks normally, or scales the steps, tell the vet. She can prescribe helpful medications and/or therapies.

During each physical exam, your Floyds Knob, IN veterinarian tweaks Sophie’s health plan and addresses emerging medical issues. If you’ve noticed changes in her food and water intake, or her urinary and/or defecation habits, inform the vet. To provide your senior companion with a tailored health program, contact us for an appointment.