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Small Dog Care Tips

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We love all of our canine patients, from big, goofy St. Bernards to small, feisty Chihuahuas. While most pooches share some common traits—such as a love for snacks and belly rubs—little dogs do have some different care needs from their larger counterparts. Here, a local Georgetown, IN vet discusses caring for small dogs.


Just because Fido is small, don’t assume that he doesn’t need training. Small dogs shouldn’t be allowed to get away with bad petiquette any more than bigger ones. In fact, many small dogs can get rather bossy. Some are even quite aggressive! Teach your canine buddy basic commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. This is also important for safety reasons, so you can call your pet to you, or keep him from approaching dangerous areas or other animals.


Making sure your pooch is getting enough activity is an important part of any good dog care routine. This is much easier with small breeds. Fido will still need the activity and stimulation of daily walks, but he also gets quite a workout in just running around the house on those little legs. Be careful not to over-exert your tiny pal. These guys get tired out quickly!


When choosing toys and treats for your canine friend, make sure to always pick things that were made specifically for small dogs. Products made for bigger pooches are not safe or suitable for little pups. We also recommend using a harness, rather than a leash.


Your furry pal’s grooming needs will depend on the type and length of his coat, so you’ll want to ask your vet for specific advice. That said, it’s worth noting that many little dogs often get tearstains. This may be because they are so close to the ground that they get a lot of dust in their eyes. Use a clean, wet washcloth or cotton ball to gently clean Fido’s face.


While some small dogs seem to see themselves as much bigger than they actually are, others are very timid, and are easily scared. You may want to teach Fido that you will pick him up if he puts a paw on your leg.

Please contact us, your local Georgetown, IN vet clinic, for your little dog’s veterinary care needs. We are always happy to help!

Caring for an Anxious Dog

Is your dog high-strung? Just like people, dogs all have their own personalities. Some pups are calm and friendly, while others are more anxious and easily frightened. If your pooch tends to get nervous easily, read these tips from a Floyds Knob, IN vet on caring for an anxious dog.


Make sure that Fido is getting the right amount and type of exercise. A brisk walk, or a vigorous round of fetch, will burn off your pet’s excess energy, leaving you with a calmer, slightly-tired pooch. Not all activities are right for every dog, so ask your vet for specific advice.


Look for pet-calming products or sprays in your local pet store. These can help calm anxious dogs. Certain scents, such as lavender, peppermint, and rosemary, can also help soothe Fido. Just be very careful when using essential oils, as some of them can be very toxic to dogs. Be sure to only choose ones that are safe for Fido. Also, never apply oils or scents directly to your dog. Just a spritz or two in the air is plenty. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Just like people, dogs often act unusually when they don’t feel well. If you’re not sure why your dog is acting uneasy, have your vet examine him to rule out any medical issues. If you get the all-clear, at least you know you have an anxious pooch, rather than a sick one.


Proper dog toys can keep your pet occupied, and also offer a healthy outlet for your pet’s angst. Make sure your canine buddy has plenty of toys, and take time to play with him every day. If your pup shows signs of aggression, it’s best to skip Tug O War, though: this may just get Fido riled up.

Soothing Shirts

Many pet companies now make doggy shirts that can soothe our canine friends. These are great for keeping Fido calm at particularly stressful times, like during fireworks or thunderstorms. Ask your vet for advice.


Many dogs like being petted and cuddled. If your dog runs to you when he feels uneasy, pet his head gently, scratch his ears, or give him a belly rub.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Floyds Knob, IN animal clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

Fun Indoor Exercise Tips for Dog Owners

Sometimes, it’s not ideal to take your dog outdoors to exercise. Perhaps it’s too cold, or too dark; maybe you simply prefer to stay in the comfort of your home. Below, your Floyds Knob, IN veterinarian offers a few fun suggestions for getting your dog moving in the house.

Stair Runs

Does your home have a staircase? You have a built-in exercise machine! Try standing at the top of the stairs with a pet treat or one of your dog’s favorite toys, then call your canine companion to you. When he bounds up the stairs to fetch the morsel or toy, let him chow down or play with the toy for a moment before reversing the process. Repeat, and you’re giving your dog a great workout.

Hallway Fun

You can also use your home’s hallway as a running track to get your dog quality exercise. First, remove any breakable or valuable items from the hall. Then, try tossing a ball or dog toy down the hall to have your canine friend chase after it. This is a simple way to have your dog work up a sweat and utilize essential muscles, keeping him limber and fit. For your dog, it’s also a ton of fun!


Hide a couple of treats or toys in various places around your home, without letting your dog see you do it. Then, lead him on a fun hide-and-seek game to find the hidden treasures! Your dog will enjoy darting all around to find the morsels, and he’ll be getting some good physical activity while he does it. Plus, this keeps your dog’s mind engaged and active—mental involvement is equally important as physical exercise!

Laser Lights

We typically think of our feline friends as being the ones to enjoy a laser light, but many dogs go wild for these items as well. Try shining a laser light on the walls or floor of your home and see if your dog tries in vain to catch it. Maneuver the light so that your dog gets a good workout running about to chase it down.

Classic Dog Games

Of course, the classic games of fetch and tug-of-war can work indoors, assuming you have the space. Clear a basement room of any breakable items, and have at it!

Your Floyds Knob, IN vet can give you more suggestions for exercising your dog indoors. Call the office today.